Small Business Computers and Networks
Proactively managing real-time security and other events that cause technology failures!

PCs, Windows, Macs (with Windows business integration), Networks, Servers, Linux, and more


For most SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses)
your computer technology, network, and internet access are mission critical!


If you cannot do some or all of the activities required for operation, you lose revenue, damage customer satisfaction, and cause employee frustration.


PSSI’s economical service uses the best and latest technology to maximize your business productivity and minimize downtime.

When you need help with your computers and networks, many may try to help, but real expertise is rare.
Expert assistance dramatically improves your productivity and saves you time and money!
With over 30 years’ experience in computer software & hardware, our leading edge skills, in-depth experience,
and dedication to excellence provide your business with effective use of technology.

PSSI provides the best technology services and solutions for your business or home office!
If your technology tools are broken, we fix them.
If they are working slowly, we optimize them.
If all is well, we watch and proactively prevent failures.

P S S I is your technology Partner!

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